How to Clean the Thermo View Temperature Probe

Regular cleaning of the Thermo View temperature probe is essential to maintain the accuracy of readings and extend the device’s lifespan. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure the temperature probe functions correctly:

Cleaning Process

Turn off the device and remove the probe from the water:
Ensure the device is turned off and carefully remove the probe from the aquarium.

Remove visible debris:
Using a soft cloth, gently remove any large particles or debris from the probe.

Gently scrub:
With a soft brush, gently scrub the probe, focusing on areas with noticeable deposits. Be gentle to avoid damaging the sensor.

Rinse with RO water:
To prevent mineral buildup, thoroughly rinse the probe with RO (reverse osmosis) water. Avoid using tap water as it can leave residues.

Use a clean lint-free cloth or paper to dry the probe. Allow it to air dry completely before reassembling.

Test for accuracy:
After cleaning, it is crucial to check the accuracy of the probe. Perform a simple test by placing the probe in a reference fluid and ensuring it shows a similar temperature. Calibrate the device if necessary.

Regular maintenance and proper cleaning ensure that the Thermo View temperature probe remains accurate and reliable, which is crucial for the safety of your marine aquarium environment.