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Reef Factory is the first company in the world to introduce an entire line of smart products designed for marine aquaristics together with a dedicated management system – Smart Reef.

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A modular system without a central computer!

Remote access to device management and aquarium data

Tools that make your work easier and enhance safety

Access to your aquarium’s current data

The current parameters of your aquarium: pH, salinity, temperature. Plus the ongoing status of automatic device operation (amount of refilled liquid and water), water and liquid levels. These are only a few examples of what you can control remotely.

Historical data

Historical data makes it possible to check the value of any given parameter at a specific time – you may for instance preview the temperature in your tank last night. In the case of any problems with your aquarium, such data will help you to understand what happened and how to avoid mistakes in the future.


Was your heater damaged or maybe the temperature dropped below safe levels? You will receive an immediate alert to your cell phone. Has the refill system overflowed or maybe one of your workers used the wrong salt mix when replacing the water? You will receive an alert. Whatever happens in your tanks, you will know straight away.

Reef log

Use our professional marine aquarium management journal. This tool will help you to plan all tasks required to manage your aquariums. At a glance you will be able to check what has already been done and what still requires your attention.

Aquariums under control – boost your profits and save time!

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