Dosing pump CR

Smart technology for special tasks

The Dosing pump CR is a modern peristaltic pump based on a stepper motor, dedicated to a calcium reactor or anywhere precise continuous dosing is required (without dividing into doses). The Smart Reef application enables remote management of dosing, characterized by an intuitive panel and efficient WiFi communication, allowing you to stay up to date with what’s happening in your tank.

The CR dosing pump operates on the basis of brand new, proprietary peristaltic pumps developed by the Reef Factory team. Their design is engineered to meet a series of requirements that devices dedicated to marine aquaristics should fulfill. They are characterized by high dosing precision and the longest trouble-free operation period possible thanks to the highest quality components, and they are also very quiet.

Key features

  • Flow regulation with an accuracy of 0.01 ml/min
  • Pump designed for continuous operation
  • Pump performance adjustable in the application from 0.1 to 62 ml of liquid per minute
  • Quiet and precise operation of proprietary dosing pumps by Reef Factory
  • Precise flow regulation independent of pressure changes
  • High-precision stepper motor
  • The used tubes are made of high chemical resistance BPT material
  • Compact size and modern design
  • Easy installation in the sump using a DIN rail

Peristaltic pumps

The Dosing Pump Pro X1 operates based on completely new proprietary peristaltic pumps developed by the Reef Factory team. Their design is tailored to meet a range of requirements expected from devices dedicated to marine aquariums. They are characterized by high dosing precision and an extended period of trouble-free operation thanks to the highest quality components. Additionally, they are very quiet.

Modern device installation

To meet the needs of aquarists, we have improved the method of placing equipment in the tank. The latest equipment from Reef Factory has an innovative mounting system based on a DIN rail. This is an extremely convenient and customizable solution that makes it easier to keep the cabinet in order.

Smart functionalities
in the Smart Reef app

  • Free and user-friendly Smart Reef application
  • for Android, iOS, or computer (browser-based support)
  • Creation and modification of flexible dosing schedules
  • Automation of the dosing process based on real-time
  • parameters levels
  • Ability to specify the direction of pump rotation
  • Quick modification of dosing settings and the ability to add extra doses outside the schedule
  • Dosing in ml or percentage (%)
  • Clear history of dosing activities
  • Remote aquarium management from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Information about the remaining amount of liquid
  • in the container for dosing
  • Intuitive and fast calibration process ensuring high dosing precision, with push notifications reminding about the need for recalibration
  • Import and export of dosing schedules
Dosing Pump CR
height67 mm / 2.6 in
width67 mm / 2.6 in
depth67 mm / 2.6 in
DIN holder8 mm / 0.30 in
head height49 mm / 1.9 in
head width49 mm / 1.9 in
head depth23 mm / 0.91 in
number of heads1
DIN rail1
dosing accuracy+/- 0,01ml
power supply12V 1A
Max. water hose length2 m