Reef flare Bar ²

Bar light in the Smart version

Reef flare Bars are a series of modern LED lights complementing the lighting above the aquarium and designed specifically to highlight the color of corals. They have intense light, mix colors perfectly and cover the aquarium area well. Moreover, they have a very modern design and are an interesting addition to any aquarium set.

Key features

  • They intensely color corals
  • A wide spectrum of light supporting the growth of corals
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • High PAR compared to the competition
  • Modern design
  • Installation above the aquarium using the included wires

What do you gain from the Reef Flare Bar?

Reef Flare Bar 2 is equipped with a row of high-quality LED diodes in the blue and violet spectrum, which stimulate photosynthesis in the aquarium. The lamp features a modern design, and the housing is made of material that provides passive cooling, making the lighting safe and very quiet. It can be used as standalone or additional lighting, providing efficient illumination in the tank.

Smart functionalities
in the Smart Reef app

  • The lights can be controlled through the Smart Reef mobile app (IOS, Android) or web browser.
  • No additional modules are needed to control the lights and connect them to the Smart Reef system. The lights are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, allowing them to connect to the home router.
  • A set of ready presets for light settings and the ability to customize settings.
  • Convenient management of light intensity from the app.
  • Lighting schedule.

Mounting of Reef Flare Bar 2

With Reef Flare Bar 2, you get the option to mount the lamp on steel cables above the aquarium, which are included in the set. The cables are corrosion-resistant, and their height can be adjusted, looking very elegant.

Additional Mounting Methods

In our offer, we have prepared additional mounting methods for Reef Flare Bar 2, so everyone will find the ideal solution for their aquarium.

Reef Flare Bar 2 Side Mounting Kit allows for mounting the lamp on the edge of the aquarium. The kit consists of two arms made of specially profiled aluminum, providing a strong and stable base to keep the lamp above the water surface.

Reef Flare Bars Mounting Bracket enables the installation of Reef Flare Bar 2 and Reef Flare Bar above the aquarium in a secure and stable manner. Its main advantage is the ability to adjust the lamp’s angle of illumination.

Reef Flare Bars Multi-handle is a set of mounting rails allowing the suspension of up to 4 Reef Flare Bar 2 lights above the aquarium, enhancing the colors of corals even more.

The Reef flare Bar 2 Profile hanger is a set that allows you to mount two Reef flare Bar 2 lamps above the aquarium on a mounting profile. The set includes 4 sizes of brackets: 33 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm.

Case color versions

Reef Flare Bar 2 comes in two color versions of the case: black or white. Choose the version that matches your decor and enjoy beautiful colors in your aquarium.