Smart roller

high efficiency, extra control

Compact, high-performance roller filter, specially designed for marine aquariums. It will ensure that the water in the aquarium is crystal clear.

Key features

  • high efficiency of the roll – enough for up to 3 months of continuous operation
  • easy Plug & Play installation
  • remote management from the Smart Reef app, and soon also integration in the Social Reef app
  • Smart functionalities, among others: PUSH notifications when the material is running out or when the roll jams
  • A special, high-quality material, thanks to which the water will be crystal clear and maintain appropriate parameters
  • Easy roller replacement – no need to remove the device from the sump and turn off the pumps
  • 40 mm (1.57”) pipe connection
  • Individually adjustable flow
Smart filtration
Smart Reef notifications
Easy roll replacement

Additional features

  • simple setup and easy servicing
  • the small size allows it to be used even in small sumps
  • modern design
  • height-adjustable legs
  • suspension option on the edge of the sump
  • integrated basket for additional chemical filtration media

Installation methods in the sump

Mount the Smart roller as you wish: hang it on the edge or place it directly in the sump.

Smart roller Replacement mat

Due to the fact that the roll is as wide as possible and is 40 m (1574.8”) long, it lasts up to 3 months of continuous use.

The certified non-woven fabric removes larger particles of impurities from the water, and at the same time retains the trace elements necessary in aquaristics: NO3 and PO4. Works perfectly with protein skimmers.

Easy to assemble and very efficient roll, made of specially designed high-quality material. Thanks to its properties, you will take care of water purity and maintain appropriate parameters in the aquarium.

Smart functionalities
in the Smart Reef app

  • controlled via the Smart Reef app
  • Wi-Fi connectivity from anywhere
  • how long a roll will last
  • setting the length of the segment to be scrolled
  • set delayed start
  • roller jam alerts – the system will inform you about the need to service or check the device
height55 cm / 21.5’’
width25 cm / 10’’
total width38 cm / 15’’
depth12 cm / 5‘’
max. flow rate11000 L/h
for the tank300 – 1500 L
media basketcm: 15×10.5×5, in: 6 x 4 x 2
width13 cm / 5’’20 cm / 8’’30 cm / 12’’
diameter14 cm / 6’’14 cm / 6’’14 cm / 6’’
roll wear time< 1.5 month< 3 months< 4 months