Reef minerals

The chemical composition of Sulfur Reef Minerals is designed to replenish sulfur deficiencies and sudden drops in seawater. Its use is safe and allows for a quick and effective increase in sulfur levels in the marine aquarium to its optimal value.

Adding 10 ml of Sulfur Reef Minerals increases level by 4 mg/L (ppm) in a 100 L marine aquarium.

Net volume:

1000 ml / 33.80 fl. oz.

Laboratory cleanliness
supports growth
High concentration

Key features

  • The proper and stable level of sulfur in a marine aquarium allows corals to build their skeletons properly and intensify their coloration.
  • Research indicates that deficiencies in this element can impair the metabolic processes of living organisms.
  • Sulfur is involved in oxidative metabolism and plays a crucial role in the nutrition of zooxanthellae (symbiotic coral algae).
  • Sulfur is continually consumed in a closed aquarium system, and its level should be regularly monitored.

Every aquarium is unique, and dosing depends on the coral population and the individual needs of marine animals. Providing the appropriate amount of minerals is crucial for the well-being of the animals, so dosing should be properly adjusted and modified based on regular water tests at the Reef Factory LAB laboratory.

Recommended sulfur level in aquarium water is 850-950 mg/L.

The maximum safe daily dosage is 25ml per 100 liters of water.

We advise administering it gradually in smaller portions to protect marine animals from excessive stress.


Sulfur Reef Minerals is a ready-to-use product designed specifically for marine aquarium use. Its preparation does not require any additional steps, such as dissolving or mixing ingredients. This makes it extremely convenient and easy to use.

Simply pour or dose the appropriate amount of the product by hand or with a pump in the aquarium area with strong water circulation to ensure even distribution of the components throughout the tank. This can be done directly into the main aquarium or into the sump, depending on individual preferences and aquarium design.

Technical specifications

Sulfur Reef Minerals is a ready-to-use product for marine aquarium use.


Products are intended for use only in marine aquariums. Store in a cool and dry place, in the original packaging, at a temperature of 5°C to 30°C. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources. Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Consume within 3 months after opening. Shake well before use.


Are Reef Minerals used for maintaining or correcting parameters?

Reef Minerals are primarily used to raise specific parameters to recommended levels. They can also be used in daily dosing. For maintaining stable parameters, we recommend using Smart components KH, Ca, Mg. To maintain the highest dosing precision and adjust doses, we recommend using Dosing Pump Pro or Dosing Pump.

Where can I find dosing recommendations for Reef Minerals based on ICP-OES test results?

You can find dosing recommendations in the “Recommendations” tab in the ICP panel of the Smart Reef application.

How can I dose products from the Reef Minerals series?

Products can be dosed manually using a syringe, but we recommend using precise dosing pumps from Reef Factory (Dosing Pump). They are integrated with the Smart Reef application, allowing you to plan automatic dosing and keep a clear history of administered doses. This makes taking care of your tank’s condition very easy.

Does the presence of sediment in the bottle affect the product’s quality?

The presence of sediment does not have a negative impact on the product’s quality. It is recommended to gently shake the bottle before opening it.

Why is it important to store minerals under the proper conditions?

Reef Minerals should be stored in a cool and dry place, in the original packaging, at a temperature ranging from 5°C to 30°C. Low temperatures can cause the salts in the product to crystallize. If this happens, wait for the product to reach room temperature, and the frozen liquid will become fluid again. Then, shake the sealed bottle. Storing at higher temperatures than recommended may lead to thermal decomposition of some salts in the product, resulting in undesirable changes in its chemical composition.

Can I automate the dosing of minerals?

Yes, in the ICP panel, you can connect the chosen parameter to a dosing pump. When you receive the ICP-OES analysis results, the corrective action will be automatically performed based on the recommendations.

Features related
to Reef Minerals
in the Smart Reef app

Safe recommendations
in the app and automatic

After receiving the results of the ICP-OES test, you will receive ready recommendations. They guide you on how to achieve stable conditions in the aquarium, aiming for a beautiful appearance and coral growth. The recommended doses of Reef Minerals can be easily combined with a dosing pump, automating the entire process.

A summary of information
on the impact and importance
of elements in seawater

From the ICP Panel and the Parameters Panel, you will learn everything about marine water parameters. It’s an excellent knowledge base about the impact of elements and other factors on corals.

We prioritize quality! Reef Minerals is a set of 23 products from Reef Factory Lab, essential for maintaining stable water chemistry parameters in the aquarium, closely resembling the natural environment of marine life. Minerals have a significant impact on coral skeleton formation and support growth, nutrition, and coral coloration.

Reef minerals are also a key component of Smart Reef 360 – a comprehensive ecosystem that combines measurements, dosing, and high-quality water additives!

Base minerals







Macro minerals






Trace minerals














Reef Minerals is one of the key components of Smart Reef 360 – an innovative and comprehensive method for managing marine aquariums, developed by a team of chemists and experienced aquarists from Reef Factory. It combines three key areas:

Smart devices

Reef Care products

Smart Reef app

One complete ecosystem connecting all aspects of managing a marine aquarium! Thanks to the Smart Reef 360 method, managing a marine aquarium has never been so easy and convenient.

Key features

  • suitable for all types of reefs (SPS, LPS, soft), safe for fish and other organisms in the aquarium,
  • support maintaining optimal living conditions in the aquarium,
  • positively impact coral growth, nutrition, coloration, and calcium skeleton building,
  • products ready for direct use in the aquarium,
  • laboratory-confirmed quality,
  • highly concentrated and very efficient,
  • convenient dosing recommendations in the Smart Reef app.