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Smart ICP is an innovative, easy-to-use and highly accurate seawater composition and RO analysis tool for demanding aquarists. With Smart ICP, you can enjoy both an advanced scientific approach to understanding water composition and an emotional connection to the beauty and health of your marine aquarium, ensuring its harmonious development.

The process is simple – just take a water sample from your tank or RO refill, register it, and then send it to our lab. The results of the analysis will be presented in a clear form in the ICP panel of the Smart Reef app, giving you the ability to fully understand and control the water in your aquarium.

Key features

  • Sample registration, test results and dosing recommendations are all available in one convenient location on a smartphone app.
  • The tests are performed directly in the Reef Factory laboratory, using state-of-the-art atomic emission spectrometry technology. This guarantees the highest quality measurements and accurate results you can trust.
  • Additionally, the Smart Reef app provides direct dosing recommendations as well as water troubleshooting to help you achieve the ideal water condition for corals and animals in your marine aquarium


Send a water sample to the following address:

Reef Factory Sp. z o.o.


ul. Bydgoska 94

86-032 Niemcz

Poland / Polska

Or use your local Drop off Point:


When will I get my test result?

The analysis of your sample will be carried out in a maximum of 48h from the moment it is delivered at Reef Factory ICP LAB.

When is the best time to perform an ICP test?

Avoid taking a sample right after a water change in the aquarium. Preferably do it right here before or between cyclic water changes.

Where can I find the results of my Smart ICP-OES test?

You can find the result of the test in the ICP Panel of the selected aquarium on your Smart Reef app account.

What if, after sending the test, I have not received confirmation that it has arrived at Reef Factory Lab?

If you have not received notification within a week of the dispatch that your sample has arrived at Reef Factory ICP LAB, please contact the company responsible for the shipment.

What if I have sent an unregistered test?

If you have provided a contact email on the address label, you will receive a request to register the test in your Smart Reef account. Do this within a maximum of 3 days of receiving the email.

What happens if my sample is damaged in the shipping process?

If your sample arrives damaged, we will inform you via email.

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