The latest product from Reef Factory that makes every marine aquarist’s life easier.
Products from our KH keeper line meet the highest standards for measuring the KH value in marine aquariums.

The smallest device in the KH keeper family

Small dimensions, convenient management, full automation of measurements. The KH keeper will work wherever space is scarce and compact dimensions are a priority.

KH keeper

A slightly bigger brother in the KH keeper family

Larger dimensions provide more space for easier manipulation inside the device. KH keeper Plus has a large laboratory-quality probe and two quiet stepper motors. It can be controlled in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

KH keeper Plus

Measurement accuracy is 0.01 dKH

The KH keeper measures KH value by sampling water directly from the aquarium.
Readings may take place in daily cycles, every 1-12 hours.

Advanced controls and simplicity of use. Real user-friendly management and configuration.

Innovative visual indicator of the current KH value

We introduce our simple, interesting and new communication feature. The KH keeper has an external LED signaling system. The device uses colors to signal the KH value measured in the aquarium. If the KH value is in the safe range, the displayed color is green. Red means that the KH value is outside of the safe range. Blue means that the measurement is in progress.


Safe range

Outside of the safe range

Historical measurements

Historical measurements are available in the range of 1 day to 1 year.

Advanced options presented in a simple way.

Notifications are sent when the KH value is outside of the set range or when the KH value increases or decreases too quickly.

Concentrated reagent 1 l and 2.5 l

Reagent mix ratio: 1 l of the reagent / 9 l of the RO water.
Prepared reagent test sample: 5-15ml (with KH value of 8, the prepared reagent consumption is about 8 ml).

1 l of the concentrated reagent is enough for 1,429 tests on average. The cost of a single test is about €0.035.

The Smart Reef system will notify the user when the reagent is running out.

What is the KH parameter?

This is one of the most important parameters in a marine aquarium.

No need for a central computer

All devices operating within the system are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and connect to the system directly.

iOS and Android

The device can be controlled from any place in the world via a phone application or our website.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Without unnecessary cables, the device connects with a home router using the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Smart Reef

The device is ready to be used in Smart Reef – our versatile system designed for comprehensive aquarium management. No expensive central computer is required!

Dimensions and weight of the deviceKH keeperPlusPro
Length90 mm97 mm97 mm
Width106 mm135 mm145 mm
Height210 mm210 mm210 mm
Weight1400 g1340 g1500 g
Power specificationsKH KeeperPlusPro
Supply voltage100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption5 W / 24 W max5 W / 24 W max5 W / 24 W max
Package dimensionsKH KeeperPlusPro
Length365 mm410 mm410 mm
Width210 mm310 mm310 mm
Height105 mm210 mm210 mm
Total weight2500 g2800 g3000 g

EU Declaration of Conformity

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