Dosing pump ATO

The most precise automatic refill

Dosing pump ATO is a smart solution from Reef Factory designed for automatically topping up evaporated water in the aquarium. This incredibly precise tool is the result of combining an ultra-accurate pump with liquid level sensors. The Dosing pump ATO detects a drop in water level and automatically replenishes it, helping to maintain the desired salinity and stable parameters.

Thanks to precise data, monitoring the amount of added water to the system is very easy. The Smart Reef application allows you to set an alarm that informs you about the remaining water in the top-up container. Furthermore, unlike traditional pumps used in automatic top-offs, Reef Factory’s solution is rust-free, thanks to the use of a dosing pump.

Reef Factory pump head
Intuitive SR App panel
0,01 ml dosing accuracy

Key features

  • Precision in water dosing – as little as 0.01 ml
  • Rust-free assurance
  • Accurate statistics of water dosed into the aquarium
  • Information and alarm for the capacity of the RO/DI water top-up container
  • World-class Smart functionality
  • Silent operation
  • Durable tubing for the dosing pump
  • Easy DIN rail mounting
  • The pump is one of over 20 Smart devices offered by Reef Factory, allowing you to build the largest system of devices in a single application.

What sets Reef Factory apart is the largest number of Smart devices for marine aquariums. Dosing pump ATO is one device from the Smart devices family by Reef Factory. The pump has a control panel in the Smart Reef app, which allows remote management of the device, as well as planning and reviewing the history of top-offs. Alerts will inform you about important events in the aquarium. Dosing pump ATO operates on WiFi technology. This innovative solution from Reef Factory elevates and revolutionizes the way evaporated water is topped up. Precision, rust-free assurance, and the best Smart functionality in the world!

Float switches

Dosing pump ATO is equipped with reliable and trouble-free float switches. This approach provides marine aquarists with the assurance of smooth operation and user convenience. The lower float activates or deactivates water top-up. The upper float will alert in case of excessively high water levels in the sump or aquarium.

Peristaltic Pumps

Dosing pump ATO operates based on entirely new peristaltic pumps designed to meet the needs of marine aquarists. Their main advantages are high precision, reliability, and silent operation.

Modern device installation

To meet the needs of aquarists, we have improved the method of placing equipment in the tank. The latest equipment from Reef Factory has an innovative mounting system based on a DIN rail. This is an extremely convenient and customizable solution that makes it easier to keep the cabinet in order.

Smart functionalities
in the Smart Reef app

  • Free and user-friendly Smart Reef application for Android, iOS, or computer (browser-based support)
  • Creation and modification of flexible dosing schedules
  • Automation of the dosing process based on real-time parameters levels
  • Ability to specify the direction of pump rotation
  • Quick modification of dosing settings and the ability to add extra doses outside the schedule
  • Dosing in ml or percentage (%)
  • Clear history of dosing activities
  • Remote aquarium management from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Information about the remaining amount of liquid in the container for dosing
  • Intuitive and fast calibration process ensuring high dosing precision, with push notifications reminding about the need for recalibration
  • Import and export of dosing schedules
Dosing pump ATO
height67 mm / 2.6 in
width67 mm / 2.6 in
depth67 mm / 2.6 in
+ DIN holder8 mm / 0.30 in
head height49 mm / 1.9 in
head width49 mm / 1.9 in
head depth23 mm / 0.91 in
total length of the cable with the probe205 cm / 81 in
DIN rails1
number of heads1
probe handle height160 mm / 6.3 in
probe handle width42 mm / 1.7 in
probe handle depth65 mm / 2.5 in
TimeAmount of dosed water
1 minute62 ml / 0.016 Gal
10 minutes620 ml / 0.16 Gal
100 minutes6,2 L / 1.6 Gal
Aquarium sizeApproximate evaporation rate
100L / 26 Gal1L (0.26Gal) / daily
300L / 79 Gal3L (0.8Gal) / daily
500L / 132 Gal5L (1.3Gal) / daily
dosing accuracy+/- 0,01 ml
power supply12V 1A
Max. water hose length2 m