Smart Reef

Innovative system
for remote marine aqurium management

3 main benefits of the Smart Reef system


Makes your work easier by automating numerous tasks related to marine aquarium management.


Informs you about various aspects related to the operation of your aquarium. Gives access to information about the events taking place in your aquarium and sends notifications if any of the controlled parameters change in an alarming manner.


Safeguards your marine aquarium by sending you alerts in the event of potentially dangerous situations – for instance if the temperature in your aquarium exceeds the specified limits.

Discover all our system fetures

Smart device management

The system allows you to add multiple devices. Having them all in one place, you can manage them easily and intuitively. Display all devices on the dashboard and preview the data in each device panel.

No need for a central computer

All devices operating within the system are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and connect to the system directly.

Parameter table

Observe how parameters have changed in a given period of time. This is a crucial feature when you want to find the root of a problem in your aquarium.

Measurement history charts

The Smart Reef system gives access to a table of measurement results and dates. The data comes directly from the devices or can be entered manually after water testing.

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