Smart test kit

lab quality, smart solutions

A modern drop test with Smart functionality, developed by the Reef Factory laboratory. It is designed for quick measurement of phosphates concentration in a marine aquarium in home conditions.

The kit allows you to perform
about 60 tests
in the range of 0,04 to 3 mg/l

Key features

  • laboratory-proven quality
  • easy to perform and read the test result
  • all reagents are in a liquid formula
  • packaging with convenient compartments
  • high efficiency – the ability to perform a large number of tests from one set

The PO4 Smart test kit is one of many drop tests from Reef Factory. Take care of your aquarium with laboratory precision and smart solutions.

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PO4 Smart test kit

Smart functionalities
in the Smart Reef app

Interactive manual

Automatic calculation
of the measurement result

how to care for an aquarium

Clear history of measurements
in the Parameter Panel



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