Pump Power and Water Column Height

Power and Height

Returning pumps are key devices that ensure water movement and act as the heart of water pumping in marine aquariums. In reef aquarium setups, especially those equipped with a sump, selecting the right pump is crucial for the biology and stability of the ecosystem.

In this article, we will describe how the power of the pump changes at the appropriate pumping height. This information is vital for properly selecting the right power/model of pump for your tank.

The chart below illustrates how the power of the pump changes at different heights.

Typical recommendations

In the next chart, we have marked with a line the typical height to which the pump raises water in a standard home aquarium where the sump is located beneath the aquarium. Of course, to calculate the height for your own tank, you must add together the height of the cabinet and the aquarium.

When selecting the appropriate pump, it’s important to remember that the pump’s power should be at least 10 times the volume of the aquarium. You also need to consider the power of the pump at the height at which it will be pumping water into our aquarium.