Installing Thermo View by Reef Factory: Step-by-Step Guide

Thermo View by Reef Factory is a modern device for monitoring temperatures in marine aquariums. With this device, you can monitor the temperature in your aquarium directly on your mobile phone display. Additionally, the device will alert you if there are any issues in maintaining the aquarium’s temperature.

Step 1: Choosing a Location for the Display

The Thermo View display contains built-in electronics that must be protected from moisture. Therefore, it is crucial to place it in a dry but visible location.

How to Choose the Right Place:

Visibility: Choose a place where the display will be easily visible so that temperature readings can be read easily. It can be inside a cabinet or outside it.

Dry Environment: Ensure the mounting location is away from water sources such as condensing moisture or direct water streams. Ideally, the display should be mounted outside the aquarium cabinet in a well-ventilated area.

Cable Length: Check if the cable length from the power supply to the planned sensor location is sufficient. The cable length is 2 meters. The same applies to the power cable length – you need to ensure the power cable is long enough to reach the display.

Step 2: Choosing a Location for the Temperature Probe

Mount the temperature sensor in the sump in an area with rapid water flow. Ensure the temperature sensor is not in close proximity to the heater or other heat-emitting devices (such as the circulation pump).

The above diagram shows an example of the Thermo View installation layout. The display is outside the cabinet and the sensor is in the sump where the water rises to overflow through the chamber. 1 – Display 2 – Power Socket 3 – Temperature Sensor.