Before sending the device for service, it is very important to prepare it properly.
Improper preparation of the unit or packaging may result in damage in transit and void the warranty!

First, remove the reagent and aquarium hoses and set them aside so that they do not draw any fluid.
  1. Empty the reagent pump hose A.
Go to your device in the Smart Reef app and enter the “CALIBRATE” option.
Select “REAGENT PUMP [A]” from the list.
Select “FILL THE CIRCUIT.” This option will have to be run several times until there is no fluid in the pump hose. Remember to remove the hose from the fluid container.

3. Repeat the same steps for ‘AQUARIUM PUMP [B]’.

4. After removing the residual liquid from the reagent and aquarium hoses, empty the measuring vessel and the waste hose.

To do this, in the “CALIBRATE” menu, select the “EMPTY” option.
Wipe the residue with paper so that the device is completely dry.
After these steps, there should be no liquid in the hoses and in the vessel.

4. Remove the mixing tablet from the pot. Pack it in a separate bag.

5. Put the included original cover on the probe.

If you do not have the original cover, wet the probe in seawater and wrap it in a plastic bag, securing it with a rubber band so that the probe is not dry. Do not pour water into the bag! This risks flooding in transit.
Disconnect all hoses and power supply from the device.
Protect the glass vessel with the original foam or paper towels.
After securing it, put the lid on with the mixing pill inside.

If you have the original packaging from the device then put it in it along with all the accessories, and then the original carton with the device into a larger protective carton.

You can also send the device in a replacement package if you do not have the original one. However, remember to properly protect the device. Use bubble wrap or paper so that the device in the carton does not move.