How to Disassemble and Assemble the Base Pump

Disassembling the Base Pump

Disconnect Electricity
The most important first step is to disconnect the device from the power supply. This is crucial to ensure safety during the work.

Disassemble the Pump
Disconnect the pump from the controller.

Remove the Hose Connection and Pump
Unscrew the hose connection and remove the pump from the sump. Remove the front cover.

In the following steps, we will disassemble the pump further to a level where it can be cleaned or the impeller can be replaced if necessary.

Remove the Pump Base
Turn the orange part of the housing counterclockwise and remove it. Pull the impeller outwards away from the pump body.

Assembling the Base Pump

To assemble and install the pump, follow the steps in reverse order from step 4 to step 1.