About Us

In 2017, Marek Protasewicz and Jarek Wojczakowski met and became friends united by their passion for marine aquariums. They realized there weren’t many smart devices for people who love aquariums like they do. Jarek knew a lot about making software from his successful company, Vivid Games. Marek had much experience in the marine aquarium industry from running his own business in Poland. So, they decided to team up. In 2019, they started Reef Factory. Since then, Reef Factory has been making cool smart devices that make taking care of aquariums easier and more fun.

Why Reef Factory devices are ahead of the competition?​

Reef Factory is an innovative company that offers a range of 27 Smart devices in their Ecosystem. The devices are not simply stand-alone aquarium equipment. They cover the whole spectre of your reef-keeping needs allowing you to build an entire aquarium management system. Each device has its built-in WiFi module. There are no central computers and no single points of failure.

Through Actions, devices can communicate with each other and this technology will only widen in the future. Reef Factory was the first company on the market, to develop the concept of a smart reef system and a vision that aquariums should have greater automation to bring greater success to the reef-keeping hobby and improve the health of the inhabitants in the aquarium.

Reef Factory mission

“We founded Reef Factory with the mission to make saltwater aquarium hobby easier for enthusiasts by providing them with equipment, chemical products, and software designed for simple and effective marine life maintenance”, – says Marek Protasewicz. And it’s true, thanks to Reef Factory products, marine life has been thriving in tens of thousands of tanks at homes.


As a co-founder of Reef Factory, over the last 5 years Marek has been sharing his passion with the world, by designing and assembling marine aquariums and advising their users. He also supervises the members of our service team, who manage our clients’ aquariums. He is the founder of Crazy Coral – one of the largest marine aquaristics companies in Poland.

Understanding the needs of marine aquarists, Marek ensures the quality of Reef Factory devices so that they resolve the specific problems encountered by our clients.


Co-founder of Reef Factory and a longtime fan of marine aquaristics, Jarek is a specialist in modern technology and management.

In 2006 he co-founded Vivid Games S.A., a company that operates in the mobile games industry and is currently listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He used his professional experience in management and programming to construct smart marine aquarium equipment. Jarek makes sure that our services and devices offer excellence down to the last detail.

Smart Reef app

The Smart reef application counts more than 23 000 active users. It is used to manage devices, and has a number of additional aquarium management tools built in. Created to help the user with all aspects of their aquarium in a simple and user friendly way and is completely free. The application includes a parameter panel, a calendar of scheduled maintenance tasks, history of recorded measurements, device management and alarms protecting your aquarium. If something goes wrong, you get a notification whervere you are.

Notification examples:

  • too high-low temperature
  • too fast Kh drop
  • too high water level
  • low liquid level fordosing pumps, etc.

The Reef Factory product range includes

  • Reef flare Pro – the #1 lighting on the market
  • Dosing pump family – a series of products with the preciseness of 0.01 ml!
  • Kh keeper Plus – reliable, easy-to-use, stable and accurate automatic alkalinity monitor
  • PH, salinity, TDS and Temperature monitors
  • Level keeper – smart automatic refill of evaporated water
  • Power switcher – brings automation to any device.
  • Reef care products – all necessary nutrients and minerals

New product launches and future plans ​

In the past two years, Reef Factory proved to build the best and most technologically advanced products on the reef keeping market. Reef Flare Pro line became a bestseller, due to 30% PAR higher than the competition, 30% thinner of analogs. In 2021-2023 the company became the fastest growing manufacturer on the market, releasing more products then any other aquatics producer. Products like Smart Tester, KH keeper Plus – were warmly welcomed by the reef lovers and the reason behind this, is that every product was build with market feedback in mind, based on reefers wishes.

As a result – Reef Factory provides the widest line of Smart devices on the reef keeping market!

Reef Factory doesn’t stop there, though. Several releases are planned for 2024, including some some completely brand-new things. But the biggest focus in 2024 will be at making sure Reef Factory customers experience is at highest possible level:

  • Extended knowledge base,
  • enhanced support,
  • infrastructure upgrade to a completely new level to the industry,
  • Smart Reef enhancement.
  • All this can be expected in 2024, making sure that Reef Factory customers are happy and their reef keeping routine becomes as joyful as possible!

Reef Factory has always put hobbyists first, and that helped company to make products even more awesome and build a stronger community. That will continue.

As we look to the future, we’re excited to keep working hard to make your aquarium experience the best it can be. We’re always aiming to exceed your expectations and bring you new and exciting things. Together, we’re changing the way aquariums are managed.

Reef Factory Team.